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Hummingbird Economic Model (archival)


We are proud to say we worked through the ceremony years with our local eco-friendly printers, with heat-transfer technology that allowed us to order idiosyncratically in small batches (no silk-screen set-up means print-runs can be relatively small).

The Hummingbird Economic Model is based on a core premise: Life-Honoring

We are solidly committed to using Fair Trade, this non-sweatshop, sustainable/organic fabric, cloths, sarongs and T-shirts; no ‘externalized cost’; kind to air, the water, the Earth & all living things.

Every Hummingbird item was produced and regarded as a prayer garment or prayer cloth for the Water.

Water Woman T-Shirt

New Dawn Woman T-Shirt

Over the years we printed on t-shirts, on sarongs, and on a variety of ceremonial cloths. We did print-runs on donated organic wovens & knits. We even printed hummingbird woman on cotton that grew wild in Afghanistan among the indigenous poppies, not least of all because the fabric was processed without toxic formaldehyde.

Custom Designed Sarong

‘Bright August Joy’ on Sarong

NOTE: ‘Bright August Joy’
Kind permission granted for 1000 Hummingbirds
by Hawaiian artist, Francene Hart.


 Ecological commitment and vision

The Hummingbird Economic Model is based on a core premise: Life-Honoring

We as Hummingbird Women are committed, as far as humanly possible, to “no externalized cost” on any goods we bring to the market-place. We are emerging from an era where the price for a garment has been at the cost of health & well-being of growers & pickers and mill workers. In addition, fiber production literally costing the Earth…, the Water, The Air; conventional cotton ranks as one of THE most toxic mono-crops on the planet.

All this to say; we never did deal in ‘bargain-basement’ T-shirts or bottom-dollar anything(!) and the prices we paid did of course reflect that.

Pesticide residues run off into our waterways. That is unacceptable Now and for our legacy. That is why the Hummingbird Economic Model means business.  In the words of the Water Institute {‘Basins of Relations’}, we are acting primarily to: “ensure that we and all species enjoy pure and ample water for generations to come.”

Above all, we recognize this abiding truth: “The water cycle and the life cycle are one.” Cousteau

Through the ceremony years, the money came for all that was needed to support ceremony, sometimes in breathtaking ways. A portion of our funds were generated through our on-going hummingbird design/production.

Above all, we recognize this abiding truth: “The water cycle and the life cycle are one.” {Cousteau}


Hummingbird Women know how to get things done. The money comes, sometimes in breathtaking ways. A goodly portion of our funds are generated through our on-going hummingbird design/production. As well; we have had the breathtaking delight of donors sweep in like angels for both over-arching and specific purposes.

Just as our hummingbird; flying every which way including backwards and sideways, seems to defy physics, so do we apprentices grow evermore deft & adept at employing levity, most especially where the gravity of the circumstances would weigh too heavily upon us!

Hummingbird Economic Indicators then are  inextricably linked to quality of life barometers:

Take the
Bioneers edict; “It’s all Alive…It’s All Connected,..It’s All Intelligent…It’s All Relatives“, and combine it with the original Bhutanese concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’ – GNH (which four pillars are  sustainable development, cultural integrity, ecosystem conservation, and good governance), extrapolated out to Planet-Wide…

And there you have Hummingbird Economics in a nutshell!