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Hummingbird Women Spring Convergence 2010 Archive


In 2010, Hummingbird Women gathered on the traditional land of the North Valley Yokut, where today you will find acres of agriculture; especially mono-cropping, and/or new housing developments. This region was once home to over 50 tribes, seasonal wetlands and many animal relatives including:  great blue herons, beavers, coyotes, red-shouldered hawks, numerous fish and plants, which are now nearly non-existent.

That being said, our hummingbird-site host has land that is adjoined by the San Joaquin River, and is Home to horses and buffalo.  It was perfectly fitting for Hummingbird Women find themselves in this location to offer prayers for the marshland that once existed, in the full knowledge of the decades of pesticides that have blighted vast acres of land across our great blue water planet.



Hummingbird Women gathered inland from the California Central Coast,  still in the heart of the region that has been identified in recent years as: ‘Salmon Nation’ , which declares that Water(& therefore Salmon) knows NO BOUNDARIES:

“WATER, like salmon, runs across arbitrary boundaries, bridging urban-rural divides. Ecologically diverse, beloved home to the many people and species who live here.”  The focus of the Hummingbird women is that of the preservation and health of water, an essential element for all living beings.

Wherever the Salmon Run

Salmon Nation is an initiative of EcoTrust, who holds as a guiding premise “human beings exist wholly within nature as part of the natural order in every respect.”