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Hummingbird spirit song ~ Angela Blessing

Sacred Waters they did call me
A thousand miles I would have flown
When Rainbow light did shine upon me
I knew that I was not alone

Take the hand of love beside you
and sing a song that calls the prayer
For where two or more are gathered
spirit rises up from there
We’re here to do what must be done
We’re here to sing what must be sung
like lightening we will move that mountain
Hummingbird our Time Has Come

Come on Sisters take the high road
with Hummingbird upon our clothes
And know our Ancestors will guide us
from where the healing waters flow

See the oceans rise and fall
see the redwoods standing so tall
Where rushing rivers swell with rain
Our Mother’s blood unites us All

We’re hear to do what must be done…. [chorus]

And hear the stories from our elders
Lord knows we’re drinking from the spring
For when we’re thirsty for the wisdom
in our hearts the truth does ring

Our righteous men will stand beside us
All our friends and teachers too
Our precious children will abide us
’cause this medicine is true..

The time of change is now upon us
because this medicine is true..
{Hummingbird spirit song, Angela Blessing,
2nd year of Hummingbirds, 2010}

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1 1of1000 { 09.08.17 at 8:13 pm }

Angela Blessing’s hummingbird song has been played/sung more times in this last month than in any other time since Hummingbird inaugural ceremony cycle years 🙂

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