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Hummingbird Women: Change Agents Are Here

“Change Agents are here…  Working hands, <a href=making quilts for others.”

Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference in the world?  Have you ever felt like all of the work being done in your community, your church, your local organization just wasn’t enough??  If that is the case you are not alone.

This summer the Ohlone Wellness Project was introduced to 5 individuals with ideas of making a difference.  To some degree they were each already “Change Agents” most of their lives.  This time they were ready to go all out and sponsor a project in their home country.  So, each individual met with Charlene Sul, Director of the Ohlone Wellness Project, founded in 1998.  After going through the interview process and providing their own project proposal, they were accepted as the first phase of Change Agents which would form the Con Cariño Project.

With the guidance of the Con Cariño Team, the new Change Agents will be mentored.  They will create strategic plans, long-term and short-term goals and corresponding budgets.  They will recruit volunteers, conduct their own fundraising and ultimately see their dream of an international helping project turn into reality.  Interestingly, these skills are new to most these Change Agents.  They came to the project with an open heart and the willingness to work hard to help someone else.  They may or may not have a college education, they generally do not have a lot if any of thier own money to spare, but they want to learn.  They have a purpose and they are passionate about it!

If you feel inspired by any of the projects described on this site, you to may be an Agent of Change!  “No special skills required.”

Creating New Leaders with a Circle of Support

No one person need work alone, for sale with the right support, management tools and mentorship, we all have the capacity to bring change to the world!  Become a Con Cariño Change Agent, Mentor or Partner.

Full program model available here.


The Con Cariño Project is a collaborative effort designed to help U.S. residents who wish to lend support to impoverished communities within their former countries. While each project may seem small in scope – the development of an orphanage, the construction of a pre-school, the development of services for Elders or the contribution to health services – they are selected because they demonstrate great long-term potential to the improve local communities around the world.

Projects are led by Con Cariño Change Agents who work from the U.S. on supporting these small initiatives. Working alone, Con Cariño Change Agents would lack the resources – both in monetary and organizational stability- to develop projects maximizing potential. However, under the Con Cariño aegis, these unsung leaders are fully supported as they develop the necessary organizational infrastructure.
Con Cariño Change Agents are chosen because they demonstrate the capacity to carry out the project they represent, posses a passion for learning and hard work, and have a strong desire to give back to their own community. While not a requirement, it is expected that Con Cariño Change Agents will be first generation immigrants or a descendant of those communities they wish to serve.

Four Con Cariño Projects will be selected each year. Con Cariño Change Agents will commence with their training and development immediately upon selection. Projects are expected to be affiliated with Con Cariño for at least three years. During that time, under close supervision and training, Con Cariño Projects shall have the opportunity to grow beyond the structure of the Con Cariño Project model and become independent, self-sustaining entities.


By collaborating with others, people and organizations have the ability and capacity to make meaningful change in the world.

Mission Statement

The Con Cariño Project is an organized effort to develop agents of change to lead efforts that have a long-term impact that will contribute to the improvement of their home communities around the world.  In carrying out their work, individuals learn to manage initiatives and acquire the skills necessary to teach others to do the same.


The Con Cariño Project will provide professional development, access to resources, a network of partners, and community support in order for ordinary people to have a long-term positive impact on the lives of others.