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Hummingbird spirit song ~ Angela Blessing

Sacred Waters they did call me
A thousand miles I would have flown
When Rainbow light did shine upon me
I knew that I was not alone

Take the hand of love beside you
and sing a song that calls the prayer
For where two or more are gathered
spirit rises up from there
We’re here to do what must be done
We’re here to sing what must be sung
like lightening we will move that mountain
Hummingbird our Time Has Come

Come on Sisters take the high road
with Hummingbird upon our clothes
And know our Ancestors will guide us
from where the healing waters flow

See the oceans rise and fall
see the redwoods standing so tall
Where rushing rivers swell with rain
Our Mother’s blood unites us All

We’re hear to do what must be done…. [chorus]

And hear the stories from our elders
Lord knows we’re drinking from the spring
For when we’re thirsty for the wisdom
in our hearts the truth does ring

Our righteous men will stand beside us
All our friends and teachers too
Our precious children will abide us
’cause this medicine is true..

The time of change is now upon us
because this medicine is true..
{Hummingbird spirit song, Angela Blessing,
2nd year of Hummingbirds, 2010}

September 8, 2017   1 Comment

1,000 Hummingbirds Equinox 2017 collective “inhale”

“Spirit of Hummingbird”

Hummingbird Women For the Waters of the Earth: A quorum of 1,000 Hummingbird Women gathering on the Central California Coast Pacific shore for 12 hour Equinox water fast ceremony, Thursday Sept 21st, tracking sunrise[6:55am], moonrise[8:20am], sunset[7:13pm], moonset[8:19pm].

This is a conscious, focused, collective “inhale” for Hummingbird Women and their awesome allies who have been working their edge since our inaugural 4 year cycle here in Ohlone territory [2009-2012]. Welcome Sisters to be in Circle on the shore and/or wherever you are physically located, to enter 12 hour water fasting With Us, for the downstream Within and Without.

All My Relations Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ

August 19, 2017   1 Comment

“Here Are Your Waters…”

Robert Frost


1000 Hummingbirds Women’s Council ~ WHO WE ARE
We are a Native/non-Native collaborative council of women, convened in truth by one little hummingbird.

Regional contamination of a People’s drinking water and no reasonable or effective Civic response;  seemingly no recourse.  Into such gross inequity, zips one little hummingbird.

The medicine of hummingbird is JOY. The essence of hummingbird is levity.  The flight of a hummingbird seems to defy even physical laws. Hummingbird flits in, cuts through the immediacy of despair.  What more powerful combination to address the Water sovereignty Question of Our Time?

Ohlone elders thus moved; that a formal structure be activated and enacted in Ohlone/Costanoan territory for the express purpose of applying collective wisdom to issues of environmental, social and economic equity.

The historic decision was made with acute awareness for the vulnerability of women, most particularly mothers, confronted with hazardous conditions that can only be resolved through broad collaborations and civic action.

We all share the horror of a child having nothing to drink but water that we have somehow polluted. Here is the water our children bathe in.  Here is the water we drink. Here is Water, that IS our life-blood. This is where we begin, even as we know it is the web of life itself that is at stake.

 1000 Hummingbird ‘All Women All Nations’  for the Waters of the Earth

“If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a power such as the world has never known.”
–Matthew Arnold, British poet and philosopher (1822-1888)

The 1000 Hummingbird Council was formed in Ohlone territory; the San Francisco Bay Area in the Central Coast region of California.

The mandate of the Council is explicit: CLEAN WATER and well-being for all; no exceptions; {“All Our Relations”}

1000 Hummingbirds was activated for a 4-year cycle; for the Waters of the Earth, for rebirth and renewal; “All Women, All Nations”, from a common spirit-base, together distill inspired solutions. The vision of course was reaching out beyond this 4-year cycle. This seeding of hummingbird medicine Women for the Waters is for Life.   Profound well-being for all Peoples; All Our Relations. This is the core purpose and intent of Hummingbird Water Woman inter-weaving.

Native women always took care of source and supply networks. The Hummingbird Water Woman cross-creed Council convened and drew from the wisdom of such traditional networks.   Hummingbird Water Women are addressing the preservation and/or restoration of these supply source networks, as well as drawing those who are willing to learn to build, expand and preserve these connections locally and across regions and Nations.  The vision for all 1000 Hummingbird activities is effective collaboration and action that can be replicated and maintained successfully. Hummingbird Water Women bring solutions Home.


The 1000 Hummingbird Way:  “All Women, All Nations”; indeed.  This was our call to action through Vision and we stepped up for a 4-year Ceremony cycle, completed in May 2012. Now people of every race, gender, and creed lend their good spirit to this Purpose, Intention, and Outcome:  everybody counts, everybody matters. Water is Life.

The 3% of available freshwater on the Earth is a non-negotiable right for every living thing on our precious Planet.

Even as you read this message, Hummingbird has reached you.  Do not be surprised to find yourself further drawn by the Hummingbird and it’s symbolic nature.  As you bring the Hummingbird imagery ‘Home’ to your own sacred spaces and places, focus your heart-mind for optimum outcomes.

We are truly galvanized by the Heart which, by its very nature, knows how we can evolve ourselves and our world in such a way that our choices inherently celebrate and cherish “all children of all species for all time.”

It is our joy to share that from the time the Council first convened, we have been alerted to ever new accounts of phenomenal hummingbird encounters.


“I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.”
Maya Angelou


The first 1000 hummingbird gathering took place in Spring 2009 in Coyote Hills.

 Grandmothers from First Nations made the journey from their Homelands.

And, by word of mouth the women came; inspired by hummingbird, representing every decade of womanhood, representing near and far distant shores. Just as the elders had envisioned, and in keeping with the spirit of hummingbird, a vibrant scene unfurled. Women came with stories, songs, food & medicine.  Women came with profound gifts of healing to share.

Bright August Joy by Francene Hart

The uplifting nature of women gathered for an over-arching, life-enhancing common purpose, and drawing on the ancient ways that honor all Beings; the magnitude of this intention was felt and carried home, together with the knowledge that the Vision was now held by the many, and held close to the heart. The Weaving of a new Basket had begun.

 “Through building creative partnerships among empowered, deeply unique individuals and groups, deep democracy enables real community wisdom to emerge. Peace, justice and fruitful, sustainable lives are natural concomitants of this process…” Tom Atlee, Co-Intelligence

The 1000 Hummingbird Council is charged with spanning nations and continents to facilitate open channels; international communication and effective response mechanisms, particularly when women; mothers with young children, Send A Voice. Too often, such a voice has gone unheard, when the situation required swift resolution for a pressing environmental/ economic travesty.

 It’s about the water, it’s about that which supports and sustains life. It’s about the women; the mothers…

It’s about our babies and children and all that we hold dear.

1000 Hummingbird Council
A council of indigenous and other nation women, who convened in response to the 1000 Hummingbird Vision, received in the wake of a profound concern for indigenous families subject to regional contamination of their drinking water.

1000 Hummingbird Vision called for Women to step up for Water; for that which sustains All Life…; for All Peoples.

Ohlone/Costanoan elders came together and concurred that an ancient protocol be enacted; the women would be invited to gather for 4 consecutive years, hosted here in Ohlone/Costanoan territory for the express purpose of applying collective wisdom to issues of environmental, social and economic equity.

This historic decision was made with stark knowledge of the vulnerability of women, most particularly mothers, confronted with hazardous conditions that can only be resolved through broad collaborations and civic action.



When Hummingbird suddenly hovers right in our space like never before, we are inspired to something heretofore unimagined.

“Hover little Hummingbird
Your medicine is Huge in these
dire and beautiful times…”

“I am not an alarmist but I knew something significant was going on. I couldn’t be on my porch for more than a minute without the hummer hovering overhead; the tiniest of all birds…the only creature that can stop dead while traveling at full speed…hover or fly forward, backward, up, or down, its wings flapping at 50 times per second in the configuration of an eight, the sign for infinity.”  A.L.

Hummingbird characteristics are every bit as impressive as high speed internet! A seed was planted that effectively convened the 1000 Hummingbird Council. Comparing notes after the coalition was formed with astonishing acuity, the common factors between a surprising number of the women who had been drawn together were these:

  •  Movers and shakers in their own circles, especially in relation to social or environmental inequities
  • Phenomenal & sustained encounters with Hummingbirds

While repeated and widespread environmental degradation is certain cause for alarm, the tiny bird who inspired the formation of the council is not. The nature of this wingéd thing is that it is felt, by all accounts, as a gift of Joy whenever it flits in; a prolonged encounter with a Hummingbird will reverberate long after this tiny creature has zipped away on its 50-flaps-a-second wings.

“How do we love all the children of all species for all time?” Asked eco-architect William McDonough; The response, in the Hummingbird context, came literally as a download:

“1000 Hummingbird All Women All Nations Rebirthing Ceremony for the Healing of the Earth.” 

May you be inspired to lift your heart, lift your voice and lift your energy.  Step forward and with absolute purpose, find a way to heal and protect Earth using the skills already born within you.  “Through every action there is a reaction.” Let your actions move others to reflect upon their own.  The time is now!  Do not delay.



“Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt – marvelous error! That a spring was breaking Out in my heart.
I said: Along which secret aqueduct, Oh water, are you coming to me, Water of a new life That I have never drunk?” ~Antonio Machado~ 

SPEAKING OF WATER: “It is part of our common heritage. It’s a public trust. It belongs to other species and it belongs to future generations as much as it belongs to us.” Maude Barlow

Ohlone-inspired Hummingbird Water Woman (& Hummingbird New Dawn Woman) © 2008, from original vision sketch by Ohlone Woman, Catherine Herrera, and rendered spirit-into-form by the 1000 Hummingbird Council, with the generous help & expertise of Jason Hendricks of Shadowline Graphics. All Rights Reserved.

May 2012 marked the 4th and final year of 1000 Hummingbirds International Women’s inaugural Gathering hosted in Ohlone territory – Thank you for your support!!  It was soooo incredible!  Pictures and comments can be found on FaceBook Group Page (request permission to join).

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Hummingbird Women: Change Agents Are Here

“Change Agents are here…  Working hands, <a href=making quilts for others.”

Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference in the world?  Have you ever felt like all of the work being done in your community, your church, your local organization just wasn’t enough??  If that is the case you are not alone.

This summer the Ohlone Wellness Project was introduced to 5 individuals with ideas of making a difference.  To some degree they were each already “Change Agents” most of their lives.  This time they were ready to go all out and sponsor a project in their home country.  So, each individual met with Charlene Sul, Director of the Ohlone Wellness Project, founded in 1998.  After going through the interview process and providing their own project proposal, they were accepted as the first phase of Change Agents which would form the Con Cariño Project.

With the guidance of the Con Cariño Team, the new Change Agents will be mentored.  They will create strategic plans, long-term and short-term goals and corresponding budgets.  They will recruit volunteers, conduct their own fundraising and ultimately see their dream of an international helping project turn into reality.  Interestingly, these skills are new to most these Change Agents.  They came to the project with an open heart and the willingness to work hard to help someone else.  They may or may not have a college education, they generally do not have a lot if any of thier own money to spare, but they want to learn.  They have a purpose and they are passionate about it!

If you feel inspired by any of the projects described on this site, you to may be an Agent of Change!  “No special skills required.”

Creating New Leaders with a Circle of Support

No one person need work alone, for sale with the right support, management tools and mentorship, we all have the capacity to bring change to the world!  Become a Con Cariño Change Agent, Mentor or Partner.

Full program model available here.


The Con Cariño Project is a collaborative effort designed to help U.S. residents who wish to lend support to impoverished communities within their former countries. While each project may seem small in scope – the development of an orphanage, the construction of a pre-school, the development of services for Elders or the contribution to health services – they are selected because they demonstrate great long-term potential to the improve local communities around the world.

Projects are led by Con Cariño Change Agents who work from the U.S. on supporting these small initiatives. Working alone, Con Cariño Change Agents would lack the resources – both in monetary and organizational stability- to develop projects maximizing potential. However, under the Con Cariño aegis, these unsung leaders are fully supported as they develop the necessary organizational infrastructure.
Con Cariño Change Agents are chosen because they demonstrate the capacity to carry out the project they represent, posses a passion for learning and hard work, and have a strong desire to give back to their own community. While not a requirement, it is expected that Con Cariño Change Agents will be first generation immigrants or a descendant of those communities they wish to serve.

Four Con Cariño Projects will be selected each year. Con Cariño Change Agents will commence with their training and development immediately upon selection. Projects are expected to be affiliated with Con Cariño for at least three years. During that time, under close supervision and training, Con Cariño Projects shall have the opportunity to grow beyond the structure of the Con Cariño Project model and become independent, self-sustaining entities.


By collaborating with others, people and organizations have the ability and capacity to make meaningful change in the world.

Mission Statement

The Con Cariño Project is an organized effort to develop agents of change to lead efforts that have a long-term impact that will contribute to the improvement of their home communities around the world.  In carrying out their work, individuals learn to manage initiatives and acquire the skills necessary to teach others to do the same.


The Con Cariño Project will provide professional development, access to resources, a network of partners, and community support in order for ordinary people to have a long-term positive impact on the lives of others.

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